God is not enough

Bürgerbühne Düsseldorf, Café Eden, Dhaus

I will show you my soul if you let me. Please water it like a plant.

He lives on the 349th floor and promises an unusual kind of self-awareness. When Y,C,A,R,B, M,M,M and L are chosen for the course at T they are full of joyful expectation. Because they are all searching. For something to hold on to. For meaning or at least for themselves. An exclusive meditation will lead the 10 participants into the most remote regions of their brains: There, where man believes and doubts. There where it hurts and is sometimes so dark that he begs for enlightenment. On the back of the golden calf we ride to Bethlehem, cross the fair of our deadly sins, search desperately for ourselves and eat the apple whole. A cross-age and cross-belief self-awareness course with Düsseldorf citizens* in the midst of fanatical trance, honest doubt and chronic bullshit. (A play development for the Bürgerbühne Düsseldorf.)

With: Michael Bayen, Marille Caspelherr, Richard Günnewig, Moritz Kliem, Tilman Krämer, Lea Marie Pohl, Yale Sevis, Beate Söhngen, Martha van Endert, Annette Walbaum, Chen Yan 

Concept and Directing: Anke Retzlaff und Paul Jumin Hoffmann

Assistenz: Hannah Schumacher

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