Anke Retzlaff - Voice / Directing

Lukas Schäfer - Synthesizer

Jo Beyer - Drums

Peter Florian Berndt - Sampling


Anke Retzlaff

Viola da Gamba, Voice, Electronics

Florian Berndt

Archlute, Sampler, Electronics

„Kabelbaum deals with the connection of instruments and stylistics of early music with experimental electronic music. The use of text and language furthermore places the music in contexts that connect the past with the present and open up a space of association for the future. Acoustic instruments, musical narratives and myths of the past merge with electronic instruments and the themes of the present, creating a sound language that seems both unusually new and painfully familiar.“

First impression of our currecnt project

"Kassandra Now" (AT) 2022:

About "Cassandra Now" (AT)

The clairvoyant Cassandra suffers from her gift of knowing the future, for she was cursed by Apollo to the effect that no one would ever believe her prophecies. Kabelbaum deals with the myth musically and in terms of content and transfers it to today. Who are the Cassandras of the climate crisis and how is it that their "prophecies and warnings" about impending catastrophes remain so inconsequential and unbelieved, even though they are constantly coming true?